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Company: Huon Aquaculture
Business: Salmon Farming


When Tasmanian cattle and sheep farmers Peter and Frances Bender diversified into salmon farming in 1988, half of their first school of juvenile salmon died. The couple forged on, undertaking a range of R&D to learn all they could about the emerging industry. Now Huon Aquaculture is a multi-million-dollar company that employs more than 450 highly-skilled people across Australia.

Because salmon farming is so new to Australia, Huon Aquaculture had to figure out for themselves how to best care for their stock to ensure healthy, high-quality salmon. At any one time the company is working on up to 10 major R&D projects and for the past 15 years the company has been assisted by Australian Government research and development tax incentives.

R&D tax assistance has helped finance technological development, and has provided much-needed support when the company has had to make the next step. We are now developing whole pen operational systems that are capable of both preventing predator attacks and taking farming offshore.
– Owner, Peter Bender.


WE Pack Pty Ltd

Company: WE Pack Pty Ltd
Business: Mango Packing House


WE Pack Pty Ltd have undertaken R&D to develop a software package that will take the guesswork out of its operation and may set a new benchmark for similar businesses in Australia and perhaps the world.

A central pack house in the top end of the Northern Territory, WE Pack Pty Ltd treats, grades, packs, stores and distributes mangoes for up to 50 Australian growers.

We knew that a new and innovative software program could take our business operations to the next level. The R&D Tax Incentive has helped to offset much of the often prohibitive costs of R&D.
– Managing Director, Tim Elliot.

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Company: Alchemia
Business: Drug Development


With many biotechnology companies totally dependent on investors and taking many years to become profitable Alchemia credits R&D Tax assistance with enabling them to undertake the high-value research and development projects that have led to their success.

Specialising in drug discovery and development, Alchemia is leading a global war against disease and serious illness. They have also successfully developed a new synthesis for existing drug, Fondaparinux, for the treatment of post-surgery related hazards such as deep vein thrombosis.

In our opinion, the R&D Tax Incentive has been a huge success, providing short term, tangible assistance for biotechnology and other hi-tech companies innovating new products. These funds can make very substantial impacts on critical cash burn for hi-tech companies such as Alchemia, and encourage companies such as ourselves to prosper in Australia.
– CEO, Charles Walker.


Bugs for Bugs logo

Company: Bugs for Bugs
Business: Pest Control for Agrifood


With support from R&D Tax assistance Bugs for Bugs’ integrated pest management systems are fighting for farmers, keeping at bay pests that threaten quality and yield of valuable crops.

With tools such as fruit fly traps and ‘attract and kill’ type lures Bugs for Bugs undertakes a detailed range of research and development to ensure their products are some of the most effective on the market.

R&D has played a huge role in the development of Bugs for Bugs products. Almost all of the core activities have required the development of specialised techniques. Because we are a small science-based company, R&D is essential to survival. We will continue to seek support from the R&D Tax Incentive and invest heavily in R&D well into Bugs for Bugs future
– Bugs for Bugs, Dan Papacek.

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Company: Smoke Control Systems
Business: Life Safety Solutions


Accessing R&D tax support for four years, the Smoke Control Systems team has undertaken research and development projects in areas ranging from experimental solutions through to product development and implementation.

Specialising in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of life safety solutions, Smoke Control Systems Pty Ltd is working to reduce the number of accidents occurring. 

We have found that the R&D Tax Incentive is simple to access and it has helped us to keep pace with competition and market changes and to not only remain in business but to grow our business. I don’t think that we would be where we are today without R&D tax assistance, it has encouraged us to invest and reinvest in R&D, supporting horizontal growth of the business into new and different markets
– Founder, Ian Bergman.


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Company: Coffey International
Business: Geosciences


Coffey International’s R&D activity has helped it to become a deep specialist in geosciences – innovating new methods and processes that have contributed to some of the world’s best engineering marvels.

R&D tax assistance has supported Coffey over the years to develop new tools, techniques and systems on many projects with client, industry and community benefits. 

The tax offset has provided the company with financial support to pursue new ways of solving problems, and exploring innovative solutions. For example, one training scheme has 40 apprentices all with new R&D projects exploring solutions to a range of geoscientific problems such as identifying the effects of vibrations produced by high-speed trains.

The research supported by the R&D offset has had a global impact on the way infrastructure – buildings, roads, rails – are designed, and we’re really excited to be a part of this
– Managing Director, John Douglas.

Dyesol Limited logo

Company: Dyesol Limited
Business: Clean Energy


Powering towards a greener future since 2004, Dyesol Limited is developing cutting-edge clean energy generation technology to enable distributed renewable energy production at the point-of-consumption. Their work has received support through the R&D Tax Incentive, receiving almost $3 million in refunds to date.

Developing and supplying Dye Solar Cell  technology, materials, and equipment solutions for manufacturers and researchers across the globe Dyesol products are targeted for use in large-scale construction within built environments. The company invests a large amount of resources into researching and developing the best results, support from R&D Tax assistance has helped them achieve this.

The R&D Tax Incentive is a huge support for a young clean energy company like Dyesol, as R&D work for new technologies can require large investments of time as well as money. It has provided our company much needed financial security enabling us to plan well into the future 
– R&D Manager, Damion Milliken.


Sundermann Water Power logo

Company: Sundermann Water Power
Business: Clean Energy


Harnessing energy from inland waterways, canals, channels and industrial settings, Sundermann Water Power (SWP) is an Australian company dedicated to generating emission free, renewable energy from moving water.

The R&D Tax Incentive has provided a platform for SWP to develop its potential to improve Australia’s participation and competitiveness in the global economy.  It has been a significant contributor to SWP remaining in business during their first six years and to securing manufacturing partners and distribution channels in readiness for commercialisation.

 R&D Tax assistance has been a critical element of our business development, particularly in our start-up phase, easing our cash flow whilst we undertook research to develop our technologies 
– Director, Leigh Bennett.

Vardum logo

Company: Vardum
Business: e-Business Supply Chain Solutions


Research and development has been the backbone of Vardum’s continued advancements. Their lead product, Deepstream, provides Australian organisations with an e-Business supply chain solution designed to integrate business processes with customers and suppliers.

Today, Vardum will continue to access support from the R&D Tax Incentive as it works towards the development of new algorithms to leverage existing IP to support complex scenarios and information flows.

There is a real psychological boost for my team knowing that our work is valued. We enjoy working on a product that not only helps make our customers more competitive, but is also recognized by the government. The application process has been an important and valuable step guiding us in the development of our own internal processes. The Victorian office is a great help, with friendly advice only an email away
– Managing Director, Jim Athanasopoulos.


GPSports logo

Company: GPSports
Business: IT Solutions for Pro Sports


GPSports were the first in the world to offer the ability to monitor, analyse and act on the performance of individual sports people and with support from the R&D Tax Incentive will continue to lead the market developing even more sophisticated hardware and complementary software to assist sportspeople across the world.

With support from the R&D Tax Incentive, GPSports is keeping Aussie Rules team Geelong, Spanish football team Real Madrid and UK football club Chelsea on track with their GPS based technology.

The R&D Tax Incentive is easy to access and has allowed us to develop past the technology, hiring more staff and reaching wider markets across Australia and overseas. We would not be able to develop technology like this without the R&D Tax support we have received
– Managing Director, Adrian Faccioni.

Flip Screen logo

Company: Flip Screen
Business: Screening Attachments and Equipment


A multi-award winning screening and recycling attachment, Flip Screen is designed to connect to skid steers, excavators, wheel loaders, backhoes and telehandlers, providing the ultimate separation solution. With support from R&D Tax assistance the company has been able to take risks on innovations which they would not have previously considered due to cost and the challenges of cash flow.

After winning the National Farmer of the Year Award in Orange, Inventor of the Year Award at Henty Field Days and appearing on The New Inventors TV program (winning the episode), Flip Screen grew at an astronomical rate finding itself in the BRW magazine’s fastest growing companies in Australia.

Accessing R&D Tax assistance dramatically accelerated the development and creation of our innovative ideas. If it weren’t for programs such as the R&D Tax Incentive, Flip Screen would have moved overseas many years ago
– Owner, Sam Turnbull.


Liferaft Systems Australia logo

Company: Liferaft Systems Australia
Business: World Class Marine Evacuation Systems


Saving lives at sea is all in a day’s work for LSA.

From their Hobart base, LSA developed the world’s safest, most compact and lightweight marine evacuation system in the world taking the company to the forefront of marine rescue across the globe.

R&D is one of Liferaft Systems Australia’s (LSA) most significant business components. From day one, research has underpinned the development of each of their products.  From cruise ships and super yachts to Defence marine rescue solutions, LSA continues to develop world class marine evacuation systems protecting the lives of thousands at sea.

R&D is a part of everything we do. Refining and developing our products whilst keeping up with global regulatory changes sees a continuous regime of R&D undertaken by the team. R&D costs a lot for our company, so every dollar helps. Accessing R&D tax assistance has allowed us to progress ideas and innovations faster than may have been otherwise possible
– Managing Director, Mike Grainger.